The Church Life Commission leads the Conference in areas of church growth and development. They partner with churches in maintaining their health and they come alongside churches that find themselves in need of assistance.

This Commission responds to a church finding itself with a pastoral vacancy by providing an interim until a replacement is found. This interim period is used to prepare a church for a new pastor/ministry.

The Commission also is prepared to help churches become educated in creating an agenda for peace within the church. Persons from the Commission who have been trained by Peacemakers offer churches seminars on peace making and peace keeping. In times of conflict, the Commission stands ready to provide conflict resolution.

Other trained individuals under the auspices of the Commission will guide churches through a Natural Church Development survey which helps churches to assess their ministry effectiveness. The survey will reveal to the church the areas of strength that need to be applauded and the areas of weakness that need to be addressed. The Commission is able to guide the church in the process of finding remedies for their weaknesses, thereby helping the church gain strength in their ministry efforts.

The Commission also works with churches from outside the denomination that may be interested in joining with the GLC. It also assists the churches of the Conference in organizational matters and legal issues as may be needed.


Pastor Arnie Kaufman
876 S. Honeytown Road, Wooster, OH 44691
Ph: 330-262-3691