The Church Planting Commission of the GLC is entrusted with the responsibility to guide the Conference in the planting of new churches. This involves creating within the local church and the Conference an atmosphere of reproducing churches.

Churches are encouraged to become mothering churches to daughter congregations. Churches are encouraged to provide financial assistance to new church plants. Churches are encouraged to raise up church planters that will begin new Great Lakes Conference congregations and other churches that will enhance the Kingdom.

A Church Planting movement is the goal of this Commission. They are leading the way for the Conference to identify planters, to partner with planters, to partner with other church planting movements, to provide assessment for potential planters and coaching for planters, to provide new arenas whereby persons may find a relationship with Jesus Christ as the GLC churches involve themselves in planting efforts.


Pastor Paul Rutledge

326 Main Street, Risingsun, OH 43457
Ph: (419) 457-3971