The Cross Cultural Commission of the GLC leads the way for the churches and individuals of the Conference to become involved in the support of the missionary endeavors of the Conference and Denomination.

This Commission exists to enable the Conference to reach out into areas of non-traditional ministry in other countries or in areas of the United States where cultural differences may exist. As the world continues to change, cultural differences are found in many ways and in all areas. This Commission is charged with keeping the Conference on the edge of ministry to these differing ways of understanding and practice.

Missionary education is one of the ways the Commission tries to encourage action in Cross Cultural ministries. Prayer cards are available to enable persons to remember those missionaries that serve in the many differing countries and areas where the CGGC is involved in ministry. Prayer for these missionaries is encouraged.

Each year, during the month of March, the commission encourages every church in the GLC to designate a Sunday to focus on a mission ministry. The project may assist the missionary efforts in either New Mexico, Haiti, Brazil, Bangladesh or one of the other areas where a particular need exists.

Chairperson Jereme Bear