Stepping Into The Future

“See, I can’t change the past, but I can co-create the future with God, so can you.”

— Kirk Schneemann

Conference Sessions looked a little different this year. Actually, that is an understatement. Form a visual perspective, Conference Sessions was almost unrecognizable. What is normally bustling corporate worship, was replaced by an online, prerecorded worship song. What is normally a large migration of people for the purpose of fellowship, was replaced with sporadic pockets of people staying precisely where they were located. Conference Sessions has never looked like this in it’s history. Welcome to the future.


Below you will find Kirk Schneemann’s opening keynote address. It is powerful and incredibly timely.

Kirk proposed 4 questions which were discussed in groups. As you watch the video, consider these questions as well.

  1. What is your attitude toward the future: fearful, hopeful, or indifferent? Why?

  2. What “new thing” is God doing in and through you at this moment?

  3. How has God been faithful to you and your congregation in the past?

  4. What would the future of your church look like if you had unlimited resources?

Elections Results:

Dave Welker was elected as Executive Board Secretary for the next three years

Julie Medford was elected as Delegate at Large. 

Overflow Ministries has been recognized as an official member church of the Great Lakes Conference. 

Below is a Playlist of all videos shown at the 2020 Sessions. Included in this Playlist are:

  • How He Loves Us, worship song preformed by Celina First Church of God worship team.
  • The Foundation 2020: Laurels Grant Interview
  • The Foundation 2020: Wildcat Cafe Grant Interview
  • The Foundation 2020: Food Pantry Grant Interview
  • Earl Mills Celina First Interview with Pastor Craig Flack, Derek and Taylor Pryer
  • Earl Mills Seville Interview 1 with Pastor Bob Fall and Julie Medford
  • Earl Mills Seville Interview 2 with Joe Vedrode and John Dykstra
  • Earl Mills College First Interview with Pastor Brandon Kelly and Bryce Bendgen
  • Youth and Family Camp Intro
  • The Amazing Race Campy Hype Video
To access the playlist, click the playlist button at the top of the video!

After watching the Interview videos, 

  1. What is the process for developing leaders presently in your church? Is it working well? How could that process become more intentional and more effective?

  2. How can you connect with Leadership development in the conference? Could you be a teaching church? What questions do you have to help with that decision? Could you partner with a teaching church? Would you be open to having an intern? What can the Conference do to help you with intentional leadership development?

  3. Specifically name the up and coming leaders in your church? Think about adults and youth. How can you encourage them and build their leadership?

  4. How can Winebrenner Seminary help your local church with leadership development and theological education? Think creatively. Would you like someone from the seminary to contact you about how this might work?